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We provide independent expertise, analytics, and services that help you optimize your gas turbine assets.

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Gas turbines and combined cycle plants already generate the data needed to monitor and optimize turbine health and performance. Many operators and M&D centers, however, prefer to focus on core competencies. We can provide the expertise to give your team the tools and support it needs to get the most from your gas turbine data.

Deep domain expertise

From power generation to mechanical drive, in theory and in practice, we know gas turbines inside and out. We can aid and enable your team to gain a deeper understanding of your data to ensure that your assets continue operating at maximum efficiency.

Advanced analytics

When you experience issues with your gas turbine performance, it is imperative that the right problems are addressed to ensure that your assets return to peak operation. By utilizing advanced statistical analysis informed by the underlying physics of gas turbines, we make sure you get the right answers to achieve useful analytical results.

Monitoring and support services

See how you can optimize turbine health and performance with our wide range of monitoring and support services.

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