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Turbine Logic is working with US Department of Energy and EPRI to enhance development of advanced algorithms for solar plant monitoring and diagnostics.

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Turbine Logic monitors power generating assets and provides consulting services to OEM’s, utilities, users, and related organizations around the world. We specialize in site health and performance monitoring, as well as data analytics and consulting projects focusing on fossil and renewable generation assets including gas turbines, combined cycles, and renewables including hydro, photovoltaics, and wind.
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Take your plant monitoring to the next level

We provide plant monitoring services that enhance your monitoring system with a patented machine learning algorithm coupled with a physics-based model.
We also specialize in auditing existing M&D models including APR software. We can advise you on your model building process to ensure you’re detecting what’s important while reducing false alarms.

Combustion Dynamics Monitoring Systems (CDMS)

Combustion dynamics monitoring systems (CDMS) are important to engine health, performance, and ROI. Out patented Dynamics Plus software goes beyond simplistic trending and threshold alarming typical of many generic monitoring packages. Dynamics Plus is a machine learning algorithm that learns the unique and ever-changing combustion signature of each monitored engine to provide fault diagnostics including detection of instrumentation errors.
  • Prevent Unplanned Outages
  • Protect Turbine Hardware
  • Identify Instrumentation Faults
  • Avoid Autotuning Issues
  • Keep Your Existing Monitoring Systems
  • Access to Combustion Expertise

Performance Modeling and Monitoring with Digital Twin

Turbine Logic provides deep insight into your plant health by blending the physics of your asset design with data driven modeling techniques using Digital Twin modeling technology. These models allow us to compare your unit’s performance to what is expected and determine the cause for any deviations.
  • Accurately Predict Future Performance (Day, Week, and Month Ahead)
  • No Need to Replace Your Existing Health Monitoring Software
  • Manage Plant Life-cycle
  • Predict Changes in Performance Due to Maintenance
  • Improve Diagnostic and Prognostic Capabilities
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