Fuel Composition

Understand the implications of alternative options in your fuel supply.

What are impacts of varying fuel composition?

  • Blowoff (LBO)

Flame becomes detached from the location where it is anchored and is physically “blown out” of the combustor. Lean Blow-out (LBO) leads to immediate loss of performance and shorten required maintenance intervals. Asset is offline until purge and restart cycle can be completed.

  • Flashback

Flame propagates upstream of the region where it is supposed to anchor and into premixing passages that are not designed for high temperatures. Flashback leads damages in premixing passages, swirler, and fuel lances.

  • Autoignition

Homogeneous ignition of the reactive mixture upstream of the combustion chamber. Autoignition leads damages in premixing passages, swirler, and fuel lances. Flashback and autoignition have same damaging effects with different cause.

  • Combustion Dynamics

Damaging pressure oscillations associated with combustion heat release rate. Combustion dynamics can damage combustor liners, cross-fire tubes, transition pieces, and power turbine components. For more information, see our Combustion Dynamics Monitoring Services (CDMS) page.

  • NOx and CO Emissions

How Turbine Logic Can Help?

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