About Us

Turbine Logic was founded in 2004 as Combustion Dynamics Consulting Services by Dr. Tim Lieuwen. An authority on gas turbine combustion, Dr. Lieuwen assembled a team of gas turbine experts to work with research groups, user groups, utilities, and gas turbine operators to research and solve a number of challenges related to gas turbine combustion.

One of the company's early successes was the development of a proprietary combustion dynamics monitoring system, now known as Dynamics+. Dynamics+ is capable of detecting combustion issues and hardware damage well in advance of traditional CDM systems. As Dynamics+ matured, the company began offering third party monitoring services.

Through the years, the team and its work continued to expand well beyond combustion. In 2015, the company rebranded as Turbine Logic in order to more accurately reflect its larger scope and vision: empowering gas turbine owners and operators to make the most of their gas turbine assets.

Dr. Lieuwen

About Dr. Lieuwen

Dr. Tim Lieuwen is a Professor and the Executive Director of the Strategic Energy Institute at Georgia Tech, as well as the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Turbine Logic. Dr. Lieuwen is an international authority on gas turbine combustion. He has received numerous patents and authored over 300 publications, including numerous books such as Unsteady Combustor Physics, Combustion Instabilities in Gas Turbines, and Gas Turbine Emission. He has been profiled several times in Combined Cycle Journal, where he was referred to as the "father of Combustion Dynamics Monitoring Systems". In addition, he has significant experience working directly with OEMs, utilities and gas turbine operators. Many of the models and prediction approaches used by OEM's were developed by Dr. Lieuwen in joint projects with them.

Dr. Lieuwen is the prior chair of the Combustion, Fuels and Emissions Committee of the International Gas Turbine Institute. He was appointed by United States Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz, to be a member of the National Petroleum Counsel, which advises the Secretary on oil and gas matters.