Asset Management

Fitness For Service

Extend the life of your assets, and avoid
unnecessary outages and repairs.

Use Case: Air Filtration

Turbine Logic worked with major utility to reduced maintenance and operational costs to retain long-term performance by analyzing cost-benefit to optimize air filtration strategy. Good air filtration is vital to maintaining clean turbine hardware and retaining peak gas turbine performance. While fine particulate matter can be removed though water washes, larger particles can permanently damage blades reducing efficiency and reliability. We provide an independent analysis of different filtration strategies so you can learn the most cost-effective way to retain performance over year of use. By calibrating a model to your units and local site conditions, we ensure an accurate assessment to optimize your operation costs and improve your bottom line.

Perspective of Power Industry

  • Calibrate to Your Local Operational Conditions

Before beginning our analysis, we tune our models to both your asset’s data and your unit’s local operating conditions.  This allows us to tailor your results to the exact conditions your units will experience.

  • Investigate Equipment Options

Our analysis includes costs of maintaining chosen equipment, costs and frequency of scheduled maintenance, and looks at how these choices impact asset’s efficiency and power output over the life of your unit. We run multiple scenarios and score each of the facets so you can determine which options are the best for your plants.

  • Optimize Maintenance Schedule

While scheduled maintenance can play an important role in maintaining asset’s performance, this still consumes resources. We consider maintenance schedules in tandem with our equipment analysis to provide a complete picture of your asset’s performance.

  • See the Long-Term Effects

Our analysis spans several years, providing insight into performance throughout your asset’s life.  This allows you to see how often equipment need to be replaced as well as how often you can expect to perform both on- and off-line maintenance.  This helps you to asses the true costs of a given fitness for service strategy.

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