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Many emissions problems are caused by the struggle to balance increased turndown and efficiency, flexible operations, and low dynamics in DLN systems. We can help you determine if the problem is hardware, instrumentation, or controls related.

Perspective of Power Industry

  • Independent, 3rd Party Oversight

As a 3rd party to you and your OEM, our only stake is to ensure that your operational goals are being met. You can be sure that all of our recommendations only have you and your needs in mind.

  • Monitor Performance

We provide deep insight into your gas turbine’s health by blending the physics of gas turbines with data driven modeling techniques. These models allow us to compare your unit’s performance to what is expected and determine the cause for any deviations. For more information, see our Digital Twin page.

  • Monitor Combustion Dynamics

We monitor your combustion dynamics with our patented machine learning algorithm, Dynamics Plus. This software alerts you to tuning problems and impending hardware failure so you can take action before combustion dynamics force an unplanned outage. For more information, see our Dynamics Plus page.

  • Detect Faulty Sensors

We can detect when your sensors begin to show signs of failure and alert you to these changes. This allows you to replace the sensor in a timely matter and prevents scenarios where a faulty sensor produces “data” that looks like a real signal.

  • Plan Outages Effectively

We let you know at the earliest indication that performance changes could be due to hardware issues, so you can plan appropriate maintenance at your earlier convenience.

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