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TED Talk – How Humans and AI can Work Together to Create Better Businesses

Business technologist Sylvain Duranton shares a paradox as companies inadvertently make themselves inefficient by using artificial intelligence to make critical decisions outside of any human control (where he calls “algocracy”). Sylvain and team of AI specialists advocate for a “Human plus AI” approach in which companies using AI systems alongside humans instead of carrying on with algocracy. Learn his secret formula for companies to successfully employ AI systems while keeping humans in the loop.


The Importance of Having Data Standardized and Available Before Starting Work

This week I was working on a test recommendation report for a customer. This reminded me how important it is to have the required data available and ‘ready-to-go’ before undertaking any advanced analytics projects.

Understandably, most organizations want to jump into ‘big data’ without first realizing that the first step is to organize, catalog, and standardize data sets.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the underlying data it must learn from. Skipping this cumbersome, but necessary preparation is why many advanced analytics projects fail.

This is also why more than half of the report I was working on contained recommendations for data fields to store, storage frequency, naming conventions, and a common database for joining related, but disparate information sets.

Data quality and availability are the key!!



Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work in the Power Industry

The moment I hit the ground, I knew it was broken. I was rock climbing with my wife the day before embarking on a weeklong canoe trip. Half-way up the rock face, I lost my grip and fell. I landed hard on my right foot, which immediately buckled and rolled. The pain was excruciating.

Rinda wanted to take me straight to the emergency room. I should have listened to her, but I knew that would be the end of our vacation. I also figured I wouldn’t do much walking in a canoe, so I quickly learned to hobble on one foot and spent the week canoeing down the beautiful Green river.

When we arrived back home in Atlanta, Rinda took me to the ER, where I got an x-ray. The result was not surprising. A fractured ankle and heel bone. What was a surprise was that my x-ray had been reviewed – not only by a radiologist – but also by a computer. Artificial intelligence is becoming as good at reading some types of medical images as well-trained doctors.

And it’s not just doctors and hospitals. These days, it seems that everywhere I turn people are talking about machine learning and artificial intelligence. Attending conferences, there’s no shortage of confident speculation about its disruptive and transformational potential for the power industry. Talking to OEMs and vendors, you’d think they’ve got the perfect AI solution to solve all your problems.

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